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Democrat Paula Rossow

Rossow's strengths are integrity, common sense, and efficiency for District II and Iroquois County as a whole.

Committed to the County's Future

*Everyone* in our county deserves representation on our Board. Paula Rossow can work effectively with Republicans while focusing on important Democratic values and goals. 

Rossow's priorities are: improving middle-class families' access to resources, maintaining and improving infrastructure, and supporting economic development for our region.

New Voice, New Choice

Paula Rossow and her husband, John "Jack" McCadden, have been residents of the Village of Loda for six years. She received a Master's Degree in Sociology from Northwestern University (1987). 

Rossow was a Trustee with the Loda Sanitary District Board from July 2016 to April 2018, and she has been active in many Loda activities and projects. 

Rossow was the FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) Officer for the Loda Sanitary District Board and is currently researching Open Meetings Act legislation. 

Why am I running for County Board?

A Fresh Perspective

In the course of Loda Sanitary Board business, I attended many County Board meetings (as well as Policy & Procedure Committee meetings), and I found it fascinating. I had no preconceived notions, just sheer curiosity and interest. The Who-What-When-Why of county-level decision-making affects us all and requires hard work and attentiveness, not people on "automatic pilot."

A County of "Givers"

I am consistently impressed with the many, many people in Iroquois County who donate so much of their time to "give back" to their communities and the county as a whole. Residents volunteer with FFA, Peace Meals, the County Fair, food pantries, emergency assistance, clubs/organizations focusing on charitable efforts, literacy projects, village clean-ups, and so much more. This is a county to be proud of, and I will be proud to work for all of you. 

It's About Representation

Representing YOUR concerns, hopes, needs, and opinions should always be "job one" for County Board members, and that is exactly my goal. Action is vital but *listening* lays the groundwork for action. 

Researching the details involved in decisions --not partisanship-- is key. Board members must keep the best interest of the county in mind while also attentive to their district's specific issues. 


Excellent points made by local journalist Russell Mann in his column in The Gilman Star 8/29/18 [quoted with permission]:

"We once had an adversarial two-party political system that actually worked. It worked because, although they disagreed philosophically, at the end of the day they could agree to do what was right and put the good of the nation ahead of partisan politics.

The Democrat Party, as much as you may love it or hate it, and though often frustrating and ineffective, is still pretty much the Democratic Party. The Republicans, on the other hand, have in recent years gone through some transformations to the Tea Party, the Freedom Caucus, and now ... the 'Trump Cult'."

From Senator Elizabeth Warren (campaign email 8/30/18):
"We're not taking anything for granted - so let's get to work. I'm happy to have you by my side. Thanks for being a part of this."   This is exactly how I feel. :-)


Important Voting News from Iroquois County Clerk's Office:

You must be registered to vote by October 9 --- contact the Clerk's Office for in-person or online registration: (815) 432-6960.

Please call that same number for info on early voting by mail and curbside voting.


Artesia (Buckley)

Danforth (Danforth)

Douglas (Gilman)

Loda (Loda)

Onarga (Onarga)

Ridgeland (Thawville)


Question 1: "You're a Democrat running for County Board? Are you brave or crazy?"   

Answer: Possibly both? Ha!

I have dual goals with this campaign: (a) get elected to the board and (b) help put Democrats "on the map," so to speak, in our county. (The current board and elected county officials are 100% Republicans. This strikes me as an undesirable imbalance, plain and simple, considering the number of Democrats in the county.)

What I will bring to the board is focus, energy, and integrity AND a willingness to work with a bipartisan approach. Not sure if that's "brave" as much as it is *determined*.

Question 2: "Is the current board a bunch of bozos or what?"
Answer: NO, no -- not at all! Most of the board members (and elected county officials) are sincere and decent people who are working overtime for the good of the county. 

All board members participate in committees which then report to the board as a whole. I will say that the vast majority of the discussions about old and new issues include thoughtful commentary, willingness to research the issue/implications, and extensive discussion of the pros and cons of decisions. 

The main problem I've observed in nearly 2 & 1/2 years of meeting after meeting after meeting is this: There are a few members who spend too much time being partisan and not enough time thinking about issues/decisions. 

And here's the bottom line: by "partisan" I don't mean the usual understanding of that word -- Republicans vs Democrats. I mean partisan *factions* --- the board members (with a few exceptions) are split into two factions. I feel that they need to stop wasting time and stop arguing over hidden agendas, and *many, many* county residents have expressed the exact same view.